Paws & Whiskers Unleashed
Paws & Whiskers Unleashed
Taking care when you can't be there...

Furry visits are for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Hamsters, Rats, Mice, Chinchillas, Degus.


Furry visits are a wonderful way of giving your baby a break from being left alone in the house for periods of time, even pets that are self contained can pine for human contact, as well as the basic procedures that keep them healthy and content.


Visits can be arranged for evenings.  Visits are up to 20 mins, the more the pet(s) want human contact, the longer the visit.


The obvious things covered ...

  • Clean water
  • Fresh food
  • Clean bowls
  • Treats (if allowed)
  • Medication (if required)
  • Clean/Replaced sawdust/hay
  • Fusses (if enjoyed)


Also, if required ...

  • A small number of plants watered
  • Bins put out/brought in


Photographs are taken on visits and made available on FaceBook for clients to see what their babies have been up to.


Comprehensive insurance in place with 'Cliverton'.


Vehicle has no advertising, therefore nothing emphasises that your house is empty during your time away.


Based around the Brooklands, Timperley, Hale, Hale Barnes, Altrincham, Baguley, Wythenshawe, Northenden, Didsbury area.


  • 1 visit a day £8
  • Additional charges for Bank Holidays, outer areas & more than 4 Rabbits/Chinchillas per home

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